Develop novel technologies focusing on non-fusion scoliosis correction allowing for non-surgical dynamic adjustment of implants over time.

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Advantages of VBT over Fusion Benefits


Continued skeletal growth


Partial Motion Preservation


Single treatment


Little impact on activity and appearance


Does not "burn any bridge"; fusion remains an unimpacted option if this treatment modality fails

Our Solution

Auctus Dynamic Tethering System

    • Dynamic tension
    • Complete non-surgical adjustment
    • Most effective in making gradual non-surgical adjustments over time
    • Prevents over-correction and can act as internal brace

Our Team

Founding Team - Experience in Orthopedic Implants

John Barrett

Founder and CEO

Co-founder and CEO of CoAlign Innovations- Acquired by Stryker in 2014 Leadership positions at Abbott Labs and Baxter

Murali Kadaba Ph.D.

Co-Founder Chief Science Officer

Previous Chief Science Officer at CoAlign Innovations. Previous leadership positions at Vertiflex, Stryker and Howmedica

John Ashley

Co-Founder VP R&D and Operations

Previous VP of R&D at CoAlign Innovations Previous leadership positions at Spinal Kinetics, Benvenue, Oratec and Foxhollow Technologies

Dillon Kwiat

Co-founder and Senior R&D Engineer

Senior R&D engineer at University of California, San Francisco

Mohammad Diab, MD

Professor and Chief of Pediatric Orthopedics, UCSF

Steve Hwang, MD

Neurosurgeon at Shriner's Hospital for Children, Philadelphia

Harsh Grewal, MD

Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children and attending surgeon at Shriner's Hospital for Children, Philadelphia

Neel Anand, MD

Professor of Surgery and Director of Spine Trauma at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Dennis Crandall, MD

Medical Director of the Sonoran Spine Group, Phoenix, AZ and Clinical Professor at the University of Arizona School of Medicine

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